Pythagoras’ Brain Exercise

“A Pythagorean never rose from his bed till he had first recollected the transactions of the former day; and he accomplished this by endeavouring to remember what he first said, or heard, or commanded to be done. And the same method was adopted with respect to the remainder of the day.” The Life of Pythagoras

Greek Philosopher and Mathematician Pythagoras

Mantelligence’s video comments on this simple technique and provides five benefits of applying the Pythagorean brain exercise.

I have used the technique two nights and can share a some specific experiences:

One, on the first day I tried the exercise, I was very disappointed at the number of things I remembered. I look forward to improving the amount of information I remember and the speed at which recall the information.

Two, I slept well which is unusual. That night, I dreamed about an influential person in my life that I had not seen in over 15 years. This appears to speak to the consolidation of memories, an extremely beneficial aspect of sleep.

Last, I was much more present in my activities and with people the following day.

I believe Pythagoras’ exercise is a worthwhile habit for memory improvement and for personal growth and/or maturity as well.

If you decide to try the exercise, please share your experiences.


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