Archan Nair: Grounded But Not Grounded

Images and Time Travel

My first introduction to Archan Nair’s art was through the article, The Sober Psychedelic World of Archan Nair.

Yessongs Personal Collection
Yessongs Backside of Album

Do you know how certain images can carry you back in time?

That is exactly what happened to me when I first saw Archan Nair’s art.  The image to the right is from Yes’ 1973 album Yessongs. Roger Dean‘s artwork is calmer, but it has the same other-worldly feel to it.

How does an artist such as Nair or Dean receive inspiration?

How do they enter a state where the art flows thru them and they manifest the art in the physical world?

Many assume that Archan Nair uses psychedelics for inspiration; however, he tells us:

“Creating art is a natural extension of meditation for me and a way that I can tap into a psychedelic state naturally. It just takes patience. Psychedelic drugs tune your brain into that frequency instantly. We can tap into that naturally, but it takes longer.

“For me, it’s a choice, I don’t want to take a shortcut. It’s about making the journey to that state a part of my daily life. For me that’s more exciting.”

Our brain is a remarkable gift whose brainwaves vibrate from 0 to 100 cycles per second. Each of those information channels is a path to be explored.  Fortunately, natural means exist to reaching the path; we don’t have to chemically induce a state of consciousness.

The journey is important. After all, it is the journey that makes us who we are. We bear the scars as well as the rewards for having taken the trip. Last, we can share the lessons learned, making the journey a bit easier for someone else.


Featured Image, Luminescent, is from Archan Nair’s Website

Yessongs Album is a snapshot from my personal collection

Roger Dean Discusses Inspiration: Yes 35th Anniversary


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