When Words Are More Than Words

Peak Performing Brains Require Peak Performing Tools

It’s funny how things come together at times acting as a sign post letting you know that you are on the right track:

In Words, Water, and Creation, I used the term “high vibrational words” to isolate those words and terms that result in a positive influence on our internal and external environment.

I just posted a link to The Gold in Gratitude on the Facebook timeline from Soulfoodnews.com. Gratitude or thankfulness, a high vibrational word that makes us feel good; it opens us up. When someone shows you appreciation, the words or act of gratitude has the power to change us and to change our relationship with others.

I Appreciate YouI used to work for a man who made it a habit of saying “I appreciate you.” I watched people melt under the phrase – they became another person after those words were uttered.

This morning, I received a marketing email from Megan Macedo – she is all about authenticity, and this email will stick with me for some time to come:

There is another plane where it’s not beating your chest that gets you noticed, but disarming people with the truth. And once you have their attention, they’ll never forget you. The message you share and the questions you seed will make a home in their head over the days, weeks, and maybe even years that follow.

Towards the end of the email, she reiterates:

The stuff that bores into your psyche like that does not come from the level of chest beating. It comes from a higher plane. If you are ready, I want to help you access that higher plane.

Truth, though painful at times, is clearly a high vibrational word that opens us to a world of clarity previously unseen. Once we see the truth, we are never the same – so many things fall into place once it is revealed.

Notice Ms. Macedo speaks of truth operating on a higher plane – it resonates in such a way that when we receive it and acknowledge it for what it is – it sticks with us.

What does any of this have to do with brain performance? I think if we are diligent about incorporating these higher vibrational words, truths, and actions, we allow our brain to operate at a much higher level which allows us to better assimilate the knowledge of the world around us.

Vocabulary or words are one of the principal tools our brains use to process information. If you want it to perform optimally, provide it with a diet of words that operate on a higher plane.


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