Breathe to Eliminate Stress

Free Tool! Breathe to Balance Your Brain; Breathe to Eliminate Stress

The brain does not function well under stress.

If you were ever a fan of the show Flashpoint, you would often hear them say: ‘focus, slow your breathing … slow your heart beat by slowing your breath.’

Unless training is so well ingrained that muscle memory kicks in and you automatically respond to the stressful situation, you are likely to freeze or at least need some breathing space to respond.

The Author's Copy of Beyond OKMy first exposure to the power of breathing was in Win Wenger‘s book Beyond O.K. In this book, he speaks using breath-work to eliminate his need for glasses.

“Occasionally, political prisoners and prisoners, and prisoners-of-war, under torture, have reportedly discovered that so long as whey were able to keep their breathing slow, calm, and deep during that torture, they were able to remain pretty o.k. …

Breathing in the pattern we use when experiencing great relief, predisposes our system to become relieved of whatever has been bothering it.”

An interesting fact about breathing is that if you focus on your breath, you will be present. How many difficult situations could you have avoided had you been present?

And just as you can sync your heart with your breath, you can also sync your brain with your breath.

By changing your breath rate, you change your heart rate. If you can get those two to dance together in sync, moving at the same beat, then you have created physiological balance. Both the autonomic nervous system and the central nervous system will preform better and keep the frontal lobes in an active state.  The Brain Performance Center

So the next time life is putting the squeeze on you and your brain is not functioning like you would like, take time to breathe away the stress.

If would like assistance, Emily Fletcher will guide you in this video.




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