Your Most Important Partnership

Collaboration, Communication, and Fulfillment

Marisa Peer’s Tedx talk is worth committing to long term memory and integrating into our lives.

She discusses four truths you need to know about your “mind” in order achieve what you want from life.

It is interesting she uses the word “mind” more than she uses brain. When I think of mind, I think of something much greater than one’s brain. (Back to the talk …) Collaboration

One of the most profound statements in this short lecture is the fact that ‘once you have stretched your mind to a new dimension, it never goes back.’ This is a great motivation to push the limits of what appears possible.

If our mind gives us exactly what we want, then we should always be communicating with it in such a way that our objectives require we stretch ourselves just a bit more. In so doing, we are always growing and expanding – the boundaries of our habitation expand as well as our opportunities.

Other than the relationship with our Creator, the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

How do you see (picture) yourself?

What words do you use when you talk to yourself?

You are unique and because of that, only you can give the gift that you possess. Choose the very best pictures and words when communicating with yourself.

I hope you enjoy Marisa Peer’s talk as much as I did.







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