New Omega 3 Study Says No Memory Benefit

Omega 3 Benefits – Other Lifestyle Variables Should Be Considered

I have said, pick any position and you can find someone to side with you.

Salmon are Rejoicing Over the Latest Study
Salmon are Rejoicing Over the Latest Study

Time reports:

Popping fish oil pills may not be a boon to the brain, according to the latest study

The data has been building, slowly but surely, and now the strongest study yet may finally dispel the myth that taking omega-3 supplements can protect the brain from cognitive decline and dementia.

Referencing The Journal of American Medical Association released yesterday, the abstract states:

Among older persons with AMD, oral supplementation with LCPUFAs or lutein/zeaxanthin had no statistically significant effect on cognitive function.

It is important to remember that once memory deterioration is identified, that degenerative process has been unfolding for years.

To expect Omega 3 to undo years worth of damage in a short time span, may be an unreasonable expectation.

I for one am not going to stop my omega 3 supplementation since I can feel the difference in my overall health.

I would encourage you to make a decision based on a bigger picture than this one study – your body and brain will tell you what it needs if you take the time to listen. (Do some research on heart rate variability and food sensitivities – Brain Performance News will discuss at a later date.)

It is important to live and plan with the long term in mind; a friend of mine used to say, “Live as if you were going to die today, but plan as if you were going to live forever.”


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