Turmeric For The Brain?

Brain therapy in smaller mammals has absolutely shown to be effective. Aromatic-turmerone and cells bathed in a turmeric compound were observed to have enhanced growth. However, the effectiveness seems to be limited to small portions and again, mostly in mammals like lab rodents.

What About Turmeric for Alzheimer’s Disease?

If you look through turmeric research, you might also stumble upon suggestions that turmeric spices can also help prevent Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Weil reports:

Population studies have shown that elderly villagers in India appear to have the lowest rate of Alzheimer’s disease in the world, and researchers have speculated that the anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin may be partly responsible. (Alzheimer’s begins as an inflammatory process in the brain, and Indians eat turmeric with almost every meal). So far, however, I’ve seen no evidence of benefit from curcumin supplementation in Alzheimer’s patients.

Does this mean turmeric can’t help a person if they might suffer from brain damage or possibly Alzheimer’s? Not at all. Researchers simply require more time and need to make sure the translation from lab animal to human is clear. It could be the methods by which turmeric compounds are used with humans need to be different. It also might mean there are more additives needed to make the supplement effective.

This does not mean that turmeric is ineffective, or that it isn’t good to add as a dietary supplement. Nor should an individual stock up on turmeric additives as the one and only cure for problems. Balance is important in most things in life; and it’s very important to seek professional medical advice, especially when dealing with matters of brain injury or disease.

So what’s the verdict on turmeric for good brain health? The lines are still blurry, but the potential to stimulate new stem cell growth is certainly a fact that can’t be ignored. Among the other numerous health benefits turmeric spice provides, it’s certainly worth making a part of a healthy lifestyle, especially if you’re looking for an “original” medical method. So go ahead, have a cup of curry tea.


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